A Message From The Board President
"Hello. Welcome to our new website! 
My name is Kenneth McDonald,. I am your Board President. I work as an Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender and have served in this position for 35 years.
"We have done an amazing job in Changing Youth and Saving Lives in Helping Our Youth Stop Short of Crime. It is an honor to be your Board President and I ask you to join us in our cause through volunteering or donations. Every ounce of help counts because in our world, times are changing, and at our SHORTSTOP Program, we will continue to commit to changing the direction of our youth for the better.
"Thank you for stopping by!"

-Kenneth McDonald
Board President

(Pictured, left to right: Troy Davis, Kenneth McDonald)
Community Board


Ken McDonald 
Jennifer Cops
Chief Financial Officer 
Anne Johnson 

Troy Davis
Carol di Sabatino  
Marty Eisenberg
Michael Eyre
Marcelita Haynes  
Michael Munn
Marc Rothenberg
Felipe Vela
Corrin Villaseñor 

Ex-Officio Members
Reba Birmingham
Montgomery Cole
Randy Fudge

Emeritus Board Members
Andrea Davalos
Valerie de Martino
Barbara McDaniel
Dan McDonald 
Frank Newell
Toby Rothschild
Pamela Swindells
Susan E.A. Wise

Honorary Board Member
Vern Schooley 

A Message From The Executive Director

"My name is Carolyn Bell. I come from a family of 10 who all grew up in Long Beach along with a number of cousins and family friends. Someone was always looking out for me; raising the bar for me and correcting me during those moments when I am made poor decisions. I am who I am today because so many people cared about what I needed to become.  

"I have always had a natural talent for working with and promoting the well being of our young people. Many years ago in my youth, I was a mentor in a Summer Youth Employment Program called Operation Guide Right. The encouragement and constant contact with wonderful, positive-minded young adults made a big difference in my life. So I give back, and the Long Beach SHORTSTOP Program has been the perfect opportunity to do so.  

"For me, the SHORTSTOP Program is more than just the past two decades plus of a lifelong set of youth projects dedicated to serving youth that has improved and bettered our community. These projects continue today in the form of SHORTSTOP, Individual and Family Counseling and the Juvenile Emotional Management Program.

"My personal life-long objective is to foster and encourage self-esteem while providing our youth the academic tools for success in the classroom and assisting them with having a deep appreciation for their families and communities. If I can help in any of these areas, then I know I’ve done my part in emphasizing character and accountability, transforming what could have been potentially poor decisions into a life changing experience. All in all, I gain a sense of pride and immense satisfaction. 

"SHORTSTOP allows me to share my life experiences to help transform our youth into capable men and women, and now YOU can do the same with your generous support. We want you to be the difference. Join us in Helping Youth Stop Short of Crime!"

Carolyn Bell, Executive Director


Carolyn Bell, Executive Director

Patricia Bermudez, Prog. Coord.

Jo-Ryan Salazar, Admin. Asst.

Maria Huerta, Program Asst.

Gabriela Santoyo, Program Asst.

Community Volunteers
Gary Anderson
Marshall Blesofsky
Daniel Bravo
John Cascell
Hon. Charles Q. Clay
Paula S. Cohen
Montgomery Cole
Marty Eisenberg
Michael Eyre
Heather Filbey-McCabe
Teresa Gomez
Akia Hardy
Anita Kapur
Scott Marantz
Leonard Matsuk
Barbara McDaniel
Dan McDonald
Tonya McKnight
Michael Munn
Dan Napier
Douglas W. Otto
Greg Parra
Ruth Perez-Ashley
LeVon Powell
Jack Rosenberg
Marc S. Rothenberg
Pamela Swindells
David Tong
Jill Warino-Franke
Sean Werner
Susan E.A. Wise
Carlin Yuen

Patricia Benjamin
Eileen Butko
Robyn Chew
Percy Duran
Kelly Emling
Michael Eyre
Daniell Greenstein
Gabriella Guthner
Karen Hilburn
Susan Laskoff
Tonya McKnight
Amy Ponce
Marc Rothenberg
Roshawn Williams
Where Can You Find Us?

(562) 981-7525

Long Beach Bar Foundation
3515 Linden Ave., Ste. 52
Long Beach, CA 90807
Our office is located in beautiful Bixby Knolls in Long Beach, Calif. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. and are closed on holidays. Our SHORTSTOP Juvenile Crime Diversion Program Hours are 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, 275 Magnolia Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802.